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Our Society All About

we are a repurposed, eco-friendly, and fashion-forward society. We are the treasure hunters of quality vintage and used clothing. We are OffBeat Society and we are bringing the world of thrifting to your doorstep.

OffBeat Society was born through like-minded friends wanting to make a difference in the world of fashion. The trend of fast fashion is amongst us and we want to do our part in limiting its damage on the planet. Keeping high street fashion in mind and always keeping up with seasonal trends; our mission is to make thrifting desirable to everyone!

Off beat society Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion:

A modern term used by the fashion world to explain the fast move of designs from the catwalk to the store. Mostly based on the fashion trends of Fashion Week in both the spring and autumn of every year. Due to the need for fast production, many companies cut eco-conscious curves to get clothing on the racks faster. Thus there are many environmental consequences such as the over-use of water and using damaging chemicals.


Our mission

is to not only promote helping the well-being of our planet but also not giving up on being a #shopoholic! With OffBeat Society, you get the best of both worlds where quality used clothing and current fashion trends collide.

We hand pick every piece to make sure our collections are always fashion forward and of good quality. We are proud to say that everything we sell is second hand. We also offer a variety of vintage pieces as well as name brands. We try our best to find clothing, shoes, and accessories that match different types of styles – because we are all allowed to shine in our unique fashion.

Furthermore, we try to always stay relevant to the fashion industry, which is why we do photo shoots, lookbooks in PDF and video style, and more. If you are interested, we are always looking for new models and would love to work with you!

By buying from a thrift store like OffBeat Society, you are not only improving your ecological footprint but also encouraging small businesses without losing the satisfaction of finding new and trendy pieces.

If you want to be part of our society, you can follow us on social media to always stay updated on current collections, promotions, fashion trends, and outfit inspiration! We also write informative blogs about how to dress for not only yourself but the planet as well.

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