Jeans are actually very damaging to our planet’s fresh water supply. It is crazy how much water is used to create one simple pair of jeans! We highly recommend you do some research on it. Part of our goal at OffBeat Society is to spread awareness about how some clothing is not very sustainable. Also, we want to show how used and vintage clothing is just as great as high street clothing brands.

That is why we hand pick every single piece to make sure they are both trendy and fashion forward. You could almost call us the treasure hunters of fashion. We make thrift shopping easier for you buy not only picking out the best pieces but delivering them straight to you.

Jeans are another great basic staple everyone needs in their wardrobe. I can’t even picture someone not owning a pair! You can dress them up with a blazer or dress them down with a hoodie, there really is nothing you can do wrong with them.

If you want to show the OffBeat community how you rock your sustainable jeans, send us your pictures on Facebook and we might just post your outfit on our Instagram and/or community page.

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