OffBeat Society wants to spread the word about sustainable fashion. We want to help fix what has been done with fast fashion and show how you just how fashionable used and vintage clothing is.

All of our used and vintage outerwear are hand picked by fashion specialists who know what’s up in the world of clothing. So, be rest assured that every piece you purchase is not only on trend but wearable.

We like to call ourselves the pirates of thrifting quality pieces. I work hard to find the best ‘treasure’ pieces and then showcase them to your through our online store. You can thank us later!

Our favourite way to wear outerwear is to layer, layer, and layer! We love a good bundled up look. Yet we still love a light jean jacket over a simple shirt – classics will always win us over!

If you want to show the rest of OffBeat Society how you love wearing your outerwear, give us a shout on Facebook and get the chance to be shown on our Instagram and/or community page.

Also, go follow us on Instagram, Facebook,  and Pinterest to always stay updated on upcoming collections, giveaways, and promotions!

Peace out and keep staying off beat.

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