Our mission at OffBeat SOciety is to spread awareness about the damages that fast fashion has implemented on the planet. We want to show how used and vintage clothing is just as good as high street clothing brands. That is why we handpick ever short sleeved shirt so that you can be assured every piece is trendy and wearable.

You can consider us the treasure hunters of used and vintage fashion. We make thrift shopping easier on your end by picking out the best pieces, showcasing them on our online store, and shipping them straight to you.

Short sleeved shirts are probably the epiphany of classic basics that every wardrobe needs. Whether that be a plain white shirt for layering and wearing with denim jeans or a band shirt for dressing down jackets; everybody needs them.

If you want to show the rest of the OffBeat Society how you wear your short sleeve shirts, give us a shout on Facebook Messenger with a picture. You might get the chance to show up on our Instagram and/or community page!

Stay Offbeat!

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