OffBeat Society is working towards spreading the word about sustainable fashion. We want to kick butt and find a way to make up for the damage that fast fashion has caused on our beautiful planet. We want to show others how used and vintage clothing is just as fashionable as high street clothing brands.

That’s why we handpick every sweater to make sure it is both trendy and wearable to for anyone. Not only are most of our sweaters unisex but of varied sizes. We want to represent everyone on OffBeat and show the beauty of being unique and ‘offbeat’.

You could call us the treasure hunters of used and vintage clothing. We make the job of thrift shopping way easier for you by picking out the best pieces, showcasing them on our online thrift store, and sending them straight to you.

Furthermore, it’s safe to say that everyone loves sweaters. They are a go-to comfy fashion piece that can be made to look super trendy! We love dressing them in an oversized jacket and scarf or with a cool skirt and knee-high boots. How do you style a used or vintage sweater? Send us your pictures on Facebook and get the chance to be shown on our social media and/or community page.

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